Prosper Basics

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Prosper Basics

Post  VotreReine on Mon May 26, 2008 10:18 pm

This is a novel (written only) project that I'm working on and am hoping to someday publish.

Title: Currently called Prosper but will be renamed
Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Setting: Gimston, Australia and later, Town of Prosper and Town of Whittemore
Prosper is about two young teenagers who, after stumbling through dry, fire-scorched bushland, find themselves out of place in world of snow and ice. Rowan, the tempered and high-spirited tomboy, immediately wishes to leave but they discover it is not so simple. The Town of Prosper, informed of their arrival, cautiously invite them to stay despite their suspicions about the two.

Fingal, Rowan's level-headed and often anxious best friend, is accepted into this new world whilst Rowan is put through a series of lessons and tasks to make her more acceptable in the eyes of the townspeople.

They discover the dark secrets of Prosper's past and with their new knowledge find themselves more suspicious of the towns people, which only puts them further in danger.

Will they ever be able to go home?


I'll be using my Prosper section to post chapters, notes and all sorts of information (and images) concerning this story and the worlds surrounding it.
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