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First Fanfic by Vaber

Post  VotreReine on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:24 pm

I recently requested Vaber on DeviantArt to write a short story using my three main characters Rowan, Fingal and Baila and using their profiles as references. He decided to write a horror story with a high school setting. This is the result and made me giggle like a little girl. Some of it is spot on and some of it has been created but I still love it to pieces.

Link to the original:


“What's going on?!” yelled Rowan to the crowd, jumping up and down, her two red pigtails bouncing with her. “'Scuse me, pardon me, hey buddy, watch were you put your hand.” she said as she made her way into the crowd to the center to see what they were all gawking at. When she reached the center, she saw none other than her best friend in the entire world, Fingal, lying on the ground, dead. “W-what happened here?!” she asked, bewildered, on the verge of breaking out on tears. Suddenly, everyone in the crowd's heads snapped to her at once. They were all staring at her with a most horrible expression, eyes squinting, mouths pursed, ears perked, as if they thought she did it. At the same time, they all raised their right hand and pointed a finger at her. “W-what? D-do you think it was me?! N-no! I would never do something like this! I just got here! St-stop pointing at me and call the hospital! Call the cops! H-he needs help, people! Come on!”

Suddenly, Rowan woke from her bed in a fright, sweating profusely from her forehead, sighing in relief that it was just a dream and her friend had not actually died, that the crowd had not actually blamed her, that both her and he were safe and life was normal. Well, at least, as normal as things got. They were always doing something odd and she never once considered anything bad would happen to either one of them in their constant adventures and mischief making. She needed someone to talk to about this and she didn't want to worry Fingal about her horrid dream, and so that left only one person to turn to, her other best friend, Baila. Baila was an odd girl, yes, very old fashion, but she would understand and comfort Rowan. About to get dressed to go to her, two things went through Rowan's head. The first was her self image. Baila looked upon Rowan as a sort of role model, so if she went to her for comfort, it'd say Rowan wasn't as independent as she led Baila to believe. She just couldn't have that. Not only that, but the time, it was two O' clock and Rowan didn't want to wake up anyone, neither in her house or at Baila's. Sighing because she had nothing to do and couldn't get back to sleep because of the nightmare, Rowan simply sat there on her bed, thinking about things for the next four hours until morning.

Fingal was walking to Rowan's house on this fine January morning, planning to walk her to school. She didn't know it, it would be a surprise. Fingal really liked Rowan, so much more than a friend, but he was just afraid to say it. She was his perfect match, or, at least, in his mind. He wasn't sure how she felt about him. He knew she liked him, but only so far as a friend. He didn't wish to risk their friendship in a fit of loneliness by asking her out, so he just kept his mouth shut, taking his suffering in silence. Ah, how he wished things were just as simple of saying what he felt and she would just accept him fully, but no, he knew things weren't like that. He knew there was always a chance she didn't like him that way and that saying he felt that way may ruin everything. No, he would just keep his cool, showering her with the ever so subtle hints, but never outright saying it. He would wait until she said it, if ever. He knew if she really liked him, she'd say it eventually, after all, she was the very pinnacle of independents. Somehow she managed to do everything by herself and yet keep in touch with everybody in what seemed like a one way manner, were other people would say things to her and she would simply respond to everything they said without thinking. If asked to remember most conversations afterwards, she couldn't! Only with himself and Baila would Rowan actually keep a two sided conversation, so yeah, he was happy about at least that much. Reaching her house, he knocked on the door, waiting there on doorstep until she answered.

Opening the door, Rowan stood there, her eyes bloodshot, her hair messy, and her clothes just thrown on in no particular way that made any sense at all.
“What happened to you?!” asked Fingal, shocked.
“I, uh, didn't get much sleep last night. Sorry. Let's go to school.” she responded, yawning as she shuffled outside.
“Uh, Rowan.” said Fingal, raising a finger.
“What?” she asked, irritated.
“You, uh, are sort wearing shorts.” he said, pointing at them.
“What about them?” she asked, blinking groggily.
“They're on your head.” he responded, taking a single step back in confusion.
“Meh.” she moaned, taking them off her head and throwing them to the ground. “Let's go.” she said as she started to walk towards school while Fingal followed her.

When they arrived at school, Baila was already there, doing her usual routine of being far too nice to everyone. Rowan stepped in and dragged her out, ignoring the long exasperated sighs from the group of males she was this.
“Huh? What'd I do?” Baila asked, confused.
“You're being too nice to all the guys! They're virtually drooling over you! You have to be more careful, or else people will think of you as easy.” explained Rowan to Baila, exaggerating the words drooling, careful, and easy.
“What does that mean?” asked Baila, tilting her head sideways in confusion.
“Sigh, just, never mind. Jeez, you're so old fashion.” said Rowan, letting out an exasperated sigh.
“Thanks!” smiled Baila, taking this as a compliment.
“Uh, guys, I mean, girls, we're going to be late for class.” Fingal said, butting in.
“Then let's go, slowpokes.” said Rowan, dragging Baila and Fingal along by the wrists.

Reaching their classroom just as the bell rang, the trio took their seats right next to each other and began chatting along with the rest of the class just as the teacher cleared his throat.
“Please be silent, thank you.” he said, staring over the room. It became silent instantly. This wasn't their normal teacher, well, it was, it was him physically, but something didn't seem quite right. Something was different, he wasn't able to command this kind of respect most of the time and was an odd and timid man. Today, however, he was clear, commanding, and a virtually different person!
“Ms. Reid.” the teacher said, staring at her.
“Yes, sir?” Rowan responded, frightened.
“There is something I need you to fetch for me.” he said, pointing out the window. “Go to the other side of the school, to the janitor's main closet. There should be a box in there, I want you to bring it back here.”
“Sir, don't you think she should have some help?” asked Fingal, raising his hand.
“No, she is a big girl, she may go by herself. If you have any other comments on the matter, I suggest you go directly to the principals office and tell him about them. Understood, Mr. Scott?”
“Yes sir.” he responded, beaten.
“Now be off, Ms. Reid. Now.” the teacher said. Rowan got up and made her way out of the classroom. Thirty whole minutes passed and she still hadn't returned.
“Uh, sir, she hasn't returned. May I go and aid her now?” asked Fingal, raising his hand again.
“Very well, make sure you bring back the box as well.” said the teacher, giving Fingal an intent stare as he left the class room. Yet another thirty minutes passed with both of them still missing.
“Ms. Whatever your last name is. You, with the white hair, go check on those two.” said the teacher, commanding again.
“Uh, yeah, sure.” said Baila, popping out of a daydream, skipping her way out of the classroom, her long white hair bouncing behind her.

Reaching the janitor's closet, she opened it and looked inside. It was pitch black. Feeling around for a switch and not finding one, she picked up a flashlight that had mysteriously rolled towards her. Flipping it on with curiosity and looking around in the room, she stepped inside, closing the door behind her. Suddenly, her flashlight began to flicker, but luckily stayed on. Moving it around a bit, she discovered this was a much bigger room on the inside than what it seemed like on the outside. Her flashlight seemed to stop twenty feet in any direction. Becoming a bit frightened at this, Baila called out for her friends. “Hello, is anyone there? Rowan? Fingal? Hello?” she called as she walked around, shining her flashlight around. Soon she flashed it on what seemed like a box. “This must be the box.” she said to herself, going up to it. Setting down her flashlight, she began to try and open it, but the top wouldn't even budge. Getting frustrated, she bent down to pick up her flashlight again, but it rolled away from her and bent to a different direction, shining onto a wall. There were two bloodied bodies, limbs torn from them, their skulls partially smashed in, brains made into a fine paste and leaking, and mouths agape in horror. They were Rowan's and Fingals.

“W-what?!” asked Baila to herself, seriously freaked out. She almost began crying before she heard a growl behind her. Turning around, she saw nothing but the box. Frightened beyond belief, she attempted to open it again. It did open this time. Out popped a beast, the most horrifying beast anyone, including Baila, had ever laid eyes upon. Its eyes gleamed with hunger as it snarled and meshed its teeth, as if it going to take but a single bite of Baila's head. She could smell its putrid breath burning her nostrils as it opened its mouth wide for that bite it wanted so badly. All at once, it leaped out of the box, going strait for Baila's jugular!
Suddenly, Baila woke from her bed in a fright, sweating profusely from her forehead, sighing in relief that it was just a dream and her friends had not actually died...
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