Yami no Hikari: Anrakki Rabaa

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Yami no Hikari: Anrakki Rabaa

Post  Hitomi on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:51 pm

Considering that Rai did have little time to make the manga pages to begin with, the YnH manga project had already become a light novel project a while back because of this reason.

And plus, he did draw a lot of light novel artwork, anyway!

Title: Yami no Hikari: Anrakki Rabaa
Translation: Light of the Darkness: Unlucky Lover
Summary: It seems that everyone in the group has love issues. Throw in girls who can't seem to get a guy with their personalities while the love rivals, having love issues of their own, challenge the main guy if he were to have affection for one of the five girls. And also... How can you know somebody from a long time ago when you never knew them at all or, at least, don't remember them? Prophecies have been made and are also about to come true... And the web of Fate continues to weave...

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