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RP Character

 Name :
Adam Dox
 Race :
 Gender :
 Current Weaponry :
At the moment, Adam wears a pair of gun gloves, fingerless gloves with tunnels ontop from which bullets are blasted. His is a model P-2, a non-rapid firing gun with lower quality bullets used mostly for halting enemy progress then killing. His primary weapon, however, is his large NeoBlade, a metal blade that generates a special radiation used for slicing. Blue neon lights line the sword just inward of the edge, in other words it's set-up is: Sword Edge-Neon-Sword Center, however the neon tubes are very slim. The sword, despite being extremely thick and large is made of a lightweight metal. The blade is capable of expelling small blasts of the blue radiation by pressing a blue button on the bottom of the hilt. Adam has been told that another city has discovered a way to amplify the blast...
 Age :
 Physical Description :
Adam is a man slightly above average height. He's not the most musclebound man around, but he's definitely got some muscles to be seen. His hair is a dark blond and spiked with his bangs spiked downward. However his most interesting feature is his eyes: One is red and the other is gray.
 History :

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