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Rules *Please read first*

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Rules *Please read first* Empty Rules *Please read first*

Post  Drawerkid2 Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:43 pm

Hello and welcome to Silent explosive, here we wish to help you start your project or an idea you may have. Before you start posting any idea you may have please read the rules below.

-Please pitch your project idea or story but in a short, two to three paragraphs, summary on the basic of your idea; characters, setting, time period, etc... if you need an example it's displayed at the bottom.
-Please wait for three days for your project to be generated, this is to help the artist/writer of the forum to see your work and comment on how they feel about it and/or join it. This is to help prevent copy-cat work or stories that's just going to be drop a few weeks later.
-Please state the type of partner or partners you're looking for, i.e: an artist that can draw backgrounds or someone that's skilled in illustration work.
-If a project starts to become inactive we may delete it but if something has come up that you have to deal with, please pm a Admin or moderator and we'll let it go but don't abuse it.
-Constructive criticism, things other than it sucks, it's too cliche, or it need a lot of work; please give examples of how to improve it.
-We may ask you if you want a, trusted, member to be added to your group, the member may chip in helpful info to help the story become a little more original as well as to make sure that the project is active. But we'll pm you first before doing it also keep this in mind the member won't be your artist or writer he/she is to help make the story original or interesting.
-Don't try to trash someone else work for it would backfire on you and you'll either be ban, lose your own project thread and so on.
-We're here to help you so have fun and good luck with your project!

Example on Light novel proposal:
Time period:
Rating: To avoid problem with younger audience.
Partner or partners:You don't need one but if you're looking for post it here, please.
Goal: Do you want to publish it or just to do it for the fun of it?


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