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Post  Kriven on Sat May 17, 2008 1:30 pm

These are the rules to which you must abide while in the roleplaying section of Manga Elements.

1) Length and Detail - This isn't kiddy stuff people. Try to write well. No l33t Speak, or IM Talk. Also, try to put some detail into your posts. I don't want a novel, but two or three paragraphs are nice. I do understand however, that there are situations in which this is not possible without becoming blandly stated. But I ask that where possible, make your posts nice and not too short.

2) NPCs - NPCs are to be controlled by the creator of the RP. However, if there are no objections, an NPC can be controlled by a player for sake of "Dodging an assault by the scorpions massive tail and retaliating with a quick slash of his blade. He leapt back with barely enough time to avoid the massive pincers, which sheared a small amount of cloth from his flowing cape."

3) Godmodding - No, no, absolutely not! If your character dodges everything, kills everyone, doesn't get hurt, is more powerful then the other players and NPCs, and can "Squash this entire planet in the palm of his hand." Then I don't want the character anywhere near this portion of the site.

4) Sexual Relations - I know characters interracting will probably grow affections for other characters. Sometimes members (including myself, at times) decide to have their characters get romantically involved. If this happens, I am A-OK with it. I just don't want any prose about the things they did behind that rock while the rest of the group slept.

5) Have a Good Time - Probably the most important rule here. I cannot stress this rule enough. The point of the RolePlay Board is to have a good time. So that's what you're going to do. Anybody NOT having a good time, is banned from the board! Razz

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