Part III

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Part III

Post  Defiant_We_Stand on Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:47 pm

Hiro: WOO!!! (He shatters the door into the kitchen) It’s here!!

Dad: (reading the paper) Hiro, what did we say about destroying the house?

Hiro: Sorry, I’m just excited. (Picks up the largest piece of the shattered door and puts it back in place) I got a response from the Modern Hero Society.

Mom: (sipping tea) What would you want with them?

Hiro: They say that they will accept me if I got my Hero’s License.

Mom: But sweetie, you’re still in high school.

Hiro: But it’s my last year and it’s been my dream to become a Hero.

Dad: No.

Hiro: Look, ever since you told me that you found me in the middle of the woods when I was a baby, I keep getting these feelings that I’m special.

Dad: No, that’s probably a side effect from the rare radioactive elements we store above your room.

Hiro: What?!

Mom: Or the dangerous experimental x-rays from last year.

Hiro: Dangerous?

Dad: No, I know…It was those tests we let the military perform on him two years ago.

Hiro: Dr. Dragunov?

Mom: Or that glowing fox that bit him on his field trip.

Hiro: (confused look and then shakes out of it) Never mind that, this is my calling and I will follow it.

Mom: (bursts into tears) First your Uncle Saiban gets sucked into a jet turbine, and now you want to follow in his footsteps?! What will I do if I lose you like that?

Dad: You’re not going to become a hero, Hiro. You’re going to stay in school, graduate and run the family harem.

Hiro: You can’t control me! (Cries and runs away, going back through the destroyed kitchen door, decimating what’s left of it.)

(Scene to inside of Hiro’s room)
(Hiro bursts into room through a random wall)

Hiro: I’m going to run away! Then I’ll find a villain, defeat him and get my Hero’s License. (Hiro packs up his belongings, approaches the window and looks back) Someday, Mom and Dad, you’ll understand.

(He leaps out of the window and lands in the street where is promptly hit by a bus)
(Hiro picks himself up from the accident and hurries down the street.)

Hiro: **thought** Okay, I need to find and defeat a villain, but where am I going to find – ah, crap, I forgot my sword!
(Turns around and heads back towards the house)

Hiro: Hopefully I can get in and our before they…Oh, shit! (Hiro’s house is completely on fire)

Hiro: NOOOOO! (Kneels) What a terrible and conveniently placed plot twist!

(Black screen reading: Here is where we would put some mushy reminiscent montage of his parents, but I hate these so use your imagination)

Hiro: But who could’ve…? (Notices sign reading ‘Villains Did This) You bastards! I will seek my revenge! Every villain will rue the day they crossed Hiro Justice! (Pose)

Random Bystander: Down in front. (Behind RB a crowd of people is watching the fire)

(Scene change to outside of Taco Juan’s)

Hiro: (staring at his tray) It’s terrible that Mom and Dad are dead, but at least they left me a small fortune so that I can pursue my dream without having to work. Now I just need to find- (cut off by Dr. talking to a customer)

Dr.: No, you can’t have extra sour cream, you foolish mortal! Mwahahahaha!

Hiro: That laugh…

(Hiro gets up and sneakily follows Dr. Dr. asks Lillith if he can take his break, knives fly past his head and he proceeds to his lair. Hiro follows him.)

Hiro: (hiding) I knew it! He is a villain! (Steps out and approaches Dr.) Stop there, vile fiend!

Dr: Huh?

Hiro: Your kind is destroying this world, and I am here to fix it!

Dr: You’re challenging me?

Hiro: Uh, yeah.

Dr: Hey! Everyone! (Tato, Tori and Ertauq stop in construction of the lair) I’ve got my first nemesis! (Mild applause) So, uh, we’re not quite done with construction yet, so could you come back in a month?

Hiro: I was kinda hoping to defeat you now.

Dr: I’d rather not.

Hiro: Well, it doesn’t matter because I, Hiro Justice…(flash change but all he manages to do is rip off his shirt)…oh.

Dr: What was that?

Hiro: I thought I could…y’know…change and…never mind. Do you have a bathroom?

Dr: (points) Yeah, over there.

(Hiro enters the bathroom)

(Black screen reading: 10 Metric Minutes Later)

Hiro: (shatters the bathroom door in his hero costume)

Dr: Not the bathroom door. That’s not covered in our insurance.

Hiro: As I was saying, I, Hiro Justice am here to –

Dr: (cuts him off) I don’t have time for this. Tato?

Tato: On it, boss.

Hiro: Oh…crap! (Tato latches and face-humps)

Dr: (over the screaming and face-humps) Now, should the blood fountain be in the foyer or the throne room? (Notices something) Hey, Ertauq, the gargoyles do NOT need lace, dammit!

(Outside where it is raining)

Hiro: This is terrible. I was defeated by ONE henchman. I need to train in order to defeat him. I need some friends to back me up and I need a weapon. (Giant slab sword falls from the sky and lands tip down in the dirt)

Hiro: Wow. (Looks up) A weapon from the Gods! I will honor their gift (rips the sword out of the ground) with evil blood!


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